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Why did I start Dog n Pony Sales?

I was looking for a new puppy. Finding puppies for sale was so hard. My friend was looking for horses for sale. That was even harder!
Its a long hard path starting a new life or do I just mean a new classified ad site?

I was looking for a new puppy. It was hard. I did all those things you are supposed to do – like checking the kennel club listings, breed club listings, dog show associations. Most of these sites did not have listings for puppies or dogs for sale, but they did have breeder websites listed. So I tried the breeder links and most of these websites were so old and outdated that they were basically useless. Not updated in years. Headlines that stated ‘our next litter of puppies is expected in April 2011’. There was really only one online place to find puppies for sale (and other animals) that I could find that had listings, and it’s not got the best reputation.

But I found a great super cute puppy (who is now our site mascot CoCo), who is really healthy and has a great ‘birthhooman’ 🙂

Then one of my good friends was looking for a new horse for one of her clients. She told me about the 47 Horse for Sale FB groups she joined, the endless hours searching and searching. All the online horse classified sites, like about two dozen, that didn’t have many listings, or not a lot of legit listings, or no horses for sale anywhere close to where they live. Many of these sites didn’t even list Canada as being an eligible location to list your horse for sale. So it was incredibly frustrating for them. I think they are still looking.

So here I am trying to make it a little easier for everyone to find their new dog or pony. Especially if you are looking in Canada. We are Canadian, based in beautiful British Columbia. Our rates for listing your horse for sale, puppies for sale, business listings and other related items are in Canadian funds!

Our Dog n Pony Sales site will continue to evolve and become better and easier to use, with more options and technologies. But for now, it works. I hope that it helps people find their new family member.


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