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Think you know how to spot a scam?

Yeah, we all think we know how to spot a scam, but then those damn scammers come up with a new one…

Scam Scammy Scam

Yeah, we all think we know how to spot a scam, but then those damn scammers come up with a new one…

We at DNP want you to be aware that, as much as we would like to be able to completely eliminate all scam artists from our website, we can only do so much. 🙁

So, it’s up to you to protect yourself from scams – here’s a few we all know:

  • Pay me first scam
  • Overpayment scam
  • My Mom just died scam (or Dad or best friend or…you get it)
  • I’ve got another buyer scam
  • I just can’t keep her/him scam
  • He’s really worth $$$$ but I’ll sell him to you for $ scam
  • That one is sold, but I’ve got this other one scam
  • I’ll buy ‘it’ right now, what’s your number/email/where do I send the money scam
  • ……and so on

Mostly the scammer tries to appeal to your sense of sympathy to get you to purchase their horse or dog for sale. Or whatever else they may be selling. Or they try to get you to purchase on an impulse, without or before you have really made your decision.

Try to find a way to actually see what you are buying before you pay for it. Meet in a safe place. Don’t transfer the money/pay the seller if you’re feeling unsure or pressured into the sale. Do your research and make sure you know what you are buying, how it compares in the marketplace and that it’s what you want and need. Take that ‘test drive’.

Responsible sellers want the best for their animals, they want them to have good homes and be in a loving family. They willingly tell you all about their horse for sale or their new puppies for sale. They describe them in good terms and tell you their breeding, training, registration. Responsible sellers will also tell you about any issues, faults or cautions. They won’t pressure a sale or try to make you feel guilty about not buying.

Responsible buyers are serious when they contact a seller about a new pet, they are ready to buy. They have some experience with the animal they are looking to buy. They’ve done their research and know about the breeding or training the horse or dog for sale has. They aren’t ‘kicking tires’ or wasting time with crazy or dumb questions.

We all want to have good experiences with our transactions and a respectful, open conversation is a great place to start.


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