Leo's Loo Too

Leo’s Loo Too

It has a great design, it looks a little like a space capsule!

Who needs an automated litterbox? You do! That’s who ๐Ÿ™‚

You’ve just spent the day cleaning the stables and you’re tired and you still have to bring in the horses and feed them…do you really feel like cleaning the barn cats’ litterbox right now? Probably not and that is why every barn with cats should have a few of these! Especially if you have multiple darling little furballs in the barn and your home. We all know that cats don’t like having an unclean litterbox and this automated ‘Leos’ Loo Too’ from Smarty Pear is the one that should be on your list. Why?
– Self cleaning
– Larger waste drawer
– Whisper quiet sifting
– Programmable UV light (kills bacteria)
– Connected smart home app
– Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls
– Triple layer safety protection (keeps your cat safe)
– Odor elimination
– Comes in 4 different accent colors
– Highly rated by users 4.5 out of 5 stars

It has a great design, it looks a little like a space capsule. The design also makes it super easy to clean and maintain.


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