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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your ad pricing?
Our Pricing page has all the details on our pricing tiers and what they include.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all the major credit cards thru our secure online checkout. We also offer PayPal and Stripe.

Can I renew or upgrade my ad?

  • Any ad can be ‘Promoted’ at any time during its listing period. This is a paid option for 15 days at the top of the listings for $15.
  • An expired ad can be relisted.
  • Free ads may be upgraded anytime in the listing period. Upgrading to a Premium or Featured ad will put your ad back to the top of the listings.

To access these options – login to your account and go to ‘My Listings’ to see your current and expired ads and the information/options for each of your listings.

I cannot upload my photos because they’re too big. Help!
Photos should be 2MB or less and JPG or TIF files. Please try using an online photo editor, like websiteplanet or tinypng to compress your pictures before uploading them.

How do I get my video linked in my Premium or Featured ad?
Your video must be hosted on YouTube or another video service and linked to your ad. If you don’t already have a YouTube account, they are free to create and upload your videos there. Once you have done that, go to your YouTube video page, and click on the ‘Share’ button, click on ‘COPY’ at the bottom of the popup and paste the copied link into the video link box on your ad listing.

Every time I try to save my ad, I get an error saying I need to enter a price. Why is it not working?
All ads require a price. Please enter a price and your ad will save properly.

Can you explain the difference between “Ad Views” and “Unique Views” for my listing?
Ad Views are how many times your listing has been viewed. Unique Views are how many people have viewed your listing. So if you have 15 Ad Views and 10 Unique Views then there is someone who has viewed your listing multiple times.

My puppies or horse was sold or leased, now what do I do with my ad?
We do not utilize a ‘Sold’ marking for our ads. If you like you can update the description of your ad to indicate that the animal or item has sold, and the ad will expire when the listing period is completed. Or you can delete your ad. We do not store sold, expired, or deleted ads. They are permanently removed from our database after 30 days from expiration.

To edit or delete your ad – login to your account and go to ‘My Listings’ to see your current and expired ads and the information/options for each of your listings.  

Can I list my business or all of my dogs or horses for sale in one ad?
No, only one item (horse, dog, business etc.) per listing is permitted, exception is for litters of puppies being listed in one ad. 

Can I post my stallion-at-stud ad? Or my dog/sire ad?
Yes, we offer stallion and sire listings as a category in our Business Listings section. 

Can I post an ISO or wanted ad, tack and trailers, real estate or other type of ads?
Yes, we have quite a few ad categories – please browse on our Search page or on our Add a Listing page


What is the difference in the Ad types?

  • Business Listings have more information and options for contacting the listing business. They are not available as a Free Ad. 
  • Free Ads are available in all the other listing types, but do not have a cover image that will show in any of the ad previews or search lists and are not allowed video links. 
  • Event listings are always free, they have a cover image but a smaller image gallery. And more contact info, but will not be shown on our home page. 
  • Real Estate listings include more options for contacting the listing real estate agent, seller, or landlord. 
  • While all other listing types only provide for direct message contact of the seller. 

What is the currency?
As we are a Canadian based company – all the ad listing and promotion prices are in Canadian $.
For the Ads themselves – We encourage our posters to use their country’s currency – So Canadian locations should be CDN$ and American locations should be USD$. But always check with the seller to make sure you know what dollar they are using. 

I don’t want all my contact info displayed all over the internet!
Yeah neither do we! 🙂 We have tried to limit the availability of our member’s info that is displayed on the ad listings. In order to contact other members – you must be a member.

There’s not enough fields/too many fields/not enough description etc…
What’s that saying about pleasing everyone all of the time? It’s your choice to fill in all the fields or leave them blank, just remember it gives buyers lots of info. Completing the description is the way to really highlight the best and most important things about your animal or item for sale.


Ad Guidelines

Sale Ads and Directory Listings

Ads must be unique – only one ad for each pet, service, farm, item or wanted

At least one picture is required – not blurred, distorted or a website screenshot

Sale Ads – Picture of the actual animal or item for sale is required

No text or color on pictures

No stock photos or stolen pictures

Ads must be listed where they/you are located – one location only



Be honest – no false statements, no omissions

No sick pets unless clearly stated

Only supported ad topics

No links to competing websites

No pets located outside of North America

No endangered or protected species or animals that have been captured or bred unethically – this includes any pets produced in a ‘mill’ type of breeding facility and any and all animals as listed on the World Wildlife Fund’s Species List


Not permitted and considered SPAM or SCAMS

Duplicates and/or multiple ads for the same pet, service or item for sale

The same ad listed in multiple locations

Multiple accounts for the same user or business

No mispricing – Free, $1, $0, Private Treaty/Enquire for Price/Call Me

No unethical, illegal or inappropriate posting

If for any reason, we feel your ad is inappropriate or illegitimate it will be removed and you may be banned


Why no Free, $1, $0, Private Treaty/Enquire for Price/Call Me ads?

            Let’s face it animals given away for free or a dollar are in danger of meeting a bad end. Please be aware of the home you are selling/giving your pet to. If you need to give away your animals, please take them to a reputable no kill shelter or rescue, you won’t be judged and your pets will find a good home.

            When people are shopping for a new pet, they generally have a price range for their budget. If your pet is listed as Private Treaty or Enquire – the majority of people will not contact you – or if they do their first, and sometimes only, question is ‘How Much?’

You have an asking price for the animal or service you are listing, be honest and state it up front and quit wasting time.